Team Ministry in West Dorset

St James, East Chelborough

East Chelborough is a farm-based community, with little valleys lined with oak trees, and two historic hill sites that were Saxon baileys. One of these provides a wonderful setting for our Good Friday service, with prayers and hymns in the lee half way up, and more prayers and planting the cross at the summit. There are 50 residents. The church is also situated on the edge of the Melbury estate.

There has been a church at Lewcombe since 1218. The present building was built in the 16th or 17th century. There is a wonderful outsize window with glorious colours. We are a tiny but thriving church. Our core congregation welcomes a wide range of visitors; usually we have some refugees wanting the old prayer book service. The church has two regular services per month; sung Matins and an evening Holy Communion service.

Church wardens

Mr Patrick Evans: 01935 872483
Mrs Anne Knox: 01935 891267