Team Ministry in West Dorset

View from the Vicarage

Posted: 28th August 2015

This month we begin a new pattern of services across the benefice. Graham, our outgoing rector set the ball in motion and successive rectors have suggested similar changes. We now have an opportunity to change the way we worship as we prepare for a new rector to join us next year. Our archdeacon has reminded us of the current difficulties of recruiting to multiple parish benefices across the diocese and has supported the proposed changes in the Melbury team.

We are trialling a new way of worshipping together, of clustering our resources and growing as Christians as we support and interact and offer hospitality to one another.

There will be three clusters of churches across the benefice, in the west, east and south although anyone can worship in any church on any Sunday.

Services will begin generally at 1000 allowing for worship and teaching and hospitality. Church as a community is vital if we are to be a church looking outwards, mindful of how we can attract new folk into our communities and encourage them to take a step of faith. Across the benefice we have few young people and teenagers and 20 to 50s in our congregations.

As I write the Steering Group are receiving feedback from the villages on the way forward. We have heard from the Chelboroughs, Melbury Bubb, Melbury Osmond and Rampisham. We are grateful for the suggested alternatives and specific requests, and hope to be as flexible as possible without losing the central vision.

Worshipping within our clusters will also be mirrored by the clustering of PCCs which we hope to implement by the end of September.

We are moving ahead with our plans to relocate the office away from the vicarage in Maiden Newton. If you know of a suitable place that might be used as an office do let one of the team know. We also need more secretarial support as we move forward. If you know of someone who could give half a day to this important work please let one of the ministry team know.

The changes we are commencing this month and which are displayed on the centre pages of the Chimes might need some explanation. I will be available for half an hour in the following churches through August if you wish to come and talk it through.

At 5.30pm in

Corscombe church on 5th August

Evershot church on 6th August

Melbury Osmond church on 18th August

Halstock church on 19th August

John Rennie

Maiden Newton church on 20th August

Cattistock church on 21st August

John Rennie