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The Archbishops have announced today (17 March 2020) that all public worship in churches will be suspended until further notice: except for weddings and funerals.
We will let you know when this changes.



News and views from around the Melbury team.

Pause for Thought February

Posted: 21st February 2015

This month, on the 14th we celebrate St Valentines day. The greetings card business will no doubt make a great deal of money, and there will be much fretting by different spouses about last minute restaurant bookings and days away. Like Christmas and Easter (cream eggs in January anyone?) this Christian festival is beginning to lose its original focus. St Valentine’s Day is about remembering the actions of a real person.

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The Questor Story of stories – Man on a Mission

Posted: 21st February 2015

There’s an ancient road, which runs from the Mediterranean Coast at Jaffa via Jerusalem and Jericho to Amman in Jordan and on to all points east. This road crosses the river Jordan just north of the Dead Sea and just east of Jericho.

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Rector’s Ramblings February

Posted: 10th February 2015

The services at St. Francis Frome Vauchurch have changed this year. Both services are now at 11.00am. On the first Sunday of the month, we hold a traditional Communion Service. On the third Sunday, things are going to be a bit different.  This month we are holding a ‘Taize’ service. Taize is a monastic community in France that attracts tens of thousands of young people every year. They have developed a style of worship that is meditative, contemplative, quiet, and simple. If you have never experienced a Taize service, why not come along to St. Francis on 15th February. The service will last about 40 minutes.

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Pilgrimage to Turkey 2015

Posted: 9th February 2015

If you are considering participating in our pilgrimage to Turkey or maybe just interested to hear about Christianity in Turkey, you are welcome to join us for this presentation evening. It will take place in the skittle alley and will last about 1½ hours.

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Messy Church 2015

Posted: 30th January 2015

In an exciting new development, in 2015 Messy Church is being held almost every month, on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 3pm. We hope to see you at our first Messy Church session, 3-5pm, 11th January at Corscombe Village Hall. Messy Church is coming to Maiden Newton, Sunday 8th February, 3 – 5pm, at Maiden Newton Youth Centre, Chilfrome Lane, DT2 0AX. It will alternate between Corscombe and Maiden Newton.

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Pause for Thought January

Posted: 8th January 2015

This month, on the 14 a great deal of money, and there will be much fretting by different spouses about last minute restaurant bookings and days away. Like Christmas and Easter (cream eggs in January anyone?) this Christian festival is beginning to lose its original focus. St Valentine’s Day is about remembering the actions of a real person. So who was he? There are many legends dating from the 4th

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Bishop of Salisbury at Leigh Village Hall Jan 8th 7.30 pm

Posted: 1st January 2015

Rt Rev Nicholas Holtan, Bishop of Salisbury, is looking forward to meeting you for 90 minutes at Leigh Village Hall on January 8th, 7 for 7.30 pm start. He is visiting every deanery in the Diocese, as he did when he began his minitry amoung us in 2011.

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Renewing Hope discussion with The Bishop of Salisbury 8th Jan 2015

Posted: 8th December 2014

Renewing Hope
You are invited to a discussion with The Bishop of Salisbury

At Leigh Village Hall, Chetnole Road, DT9 6HL

on Thursday 8 January 2015 at 7.30pm

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Rev. David Harknett

Posted: 8th December 2014

As many of you will know, Rev. David Harknett suffered a life-threatening illness in April 2013.

I am delighted to be able to announce that David has completed his 6 month return-to-work programme, manages his chronic fatigue well, and is now working full-time.

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Mission in Context – a five week course Jan-Feb 2015

Posted: 12th November 2014

The Deanery of Sherborne are running a five-week course ‘Mission in Context‘ in January/February 2015

Thursdays 7.30 – 9.00 p.m

at The Digby Memorial Church Hall, Digby Road, Sherborne, Dorset

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Pause for Thought ‘The War That did nOt End All Wars’Re

Posted: 7th November 2014

How should we commemorate the centenary of the first world war; ‘War to End All Wars’? In a style that captures our ‘national spirit’ like the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, à la David Cameron?

By using the anniversary to promote peace & international cooperation, à la ‘No Glory in War Campaign’ (NGiW)?

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Rector’s Ramblings November

Posted: 2nd November 2014

Remembrance Sunday With so many anniversaries of war events this year, and ongoing troubles in the world today, we are expecting full churches on Remembrance Sunday (November 9th), as we give thanks for the sacrifices made in the past, and pray for the peace of our world today. There will be the regular services at Maiden Newton (10.15) and Corscombe (10.30).  There will also be a service of reflection on war, remembrance and peace at Melbury Osmond at 6pm. See separate article by Janet Danks.

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Rector’s Ramblings July

Posted: 14th July 2014

The Dorset Historic Churches Trust has made significant grants towards the maintenance a number of the churches in the Melbury Team over recent years. Most of their income is derived from the annual ‘Ride and Stride’. This event encourages us to do a sponsored walk or ride between churches on 13th September. There is no fixed route. We can visit as many or as few churches as we feel able. Half the proceeds from the event go direct to support your parish church, which is a great help.

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David Harknett

Posted: 1st July 2014

We are very pleased to report that Rev David Harknett has begun a “Return to Work Programme” with the involvement of Human Resources, Diocese of Salisbury. He is supported by Professor Andrew Tomkins, from Corscombe and Rev Graham Perryman.

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Rector’s Ramblings

Posted: 20th May 2014

Do you want to get to know the Bible in a deeper way than is possible in Sunday sermon, do you sometimes wonder what is going on in church, or do you simply want to find a group of friends to share the difficult issues of life and pray about them?

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Open Book

Posted: 4th May 2014

Open what book? I hear you say! Well, Open  the Book is a scheme whereby a group of people go into a school to act out a bible story with the aim of helping the children to remember and understand that story. There  is a special book with guidelines on how to run each session.

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First Dorset Credit Union Service Point update

Posted: 8th April 2014

In February I wrote a short appeal for volunteers to join a scheme to open a
credit union service point. This is an update!

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Pay Day Loans /Loan Sharks

Posted: 1st February 2014

Last summer Archbishop Welby raised the subject of Pay Day Loans and Loan Sharks along with the benefit of Credit Unions.

To be honest, I wasn’t entirely clear as to the roll of a credit union but I was to discover that they help people save as well as lend money in order to tide
those savers over tricky times.

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A fresh look at Jesus’s birth

Posted: 30th December 2013

A visit to Israel in April this year as part of a group of 25 people from the Melbury Team and a church in Ringwood led by Rev Graham Perryman and David Wright provided a remarkable opportunity to examine the circumstances around Jesus’ birth, life, death and resurrection. Nothing can explain the overwhelming feeling of following in Jesus’ footsteps – going where he went and visiting the truly inspiring biblical sites.

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David Harknett

Posted: 13th April 2013

“I was admitted to Dorchester Hospital on Tuesday 16th April 2013 with a virulent form of Streptococcal Aureus (a bacterial infection), which rampaged through my joints. Septicaemia was one consequence, multiple organ failure the other. I was dying. To put it bluntly, and thankfully, that medical language did not become a paragraph on a certificate under the heading “Cause of Death”. It became the start of a long, slow and painful adventure. Because I was also dying to live. Which is where your love and prayers come in. Since I became conscious and communicative my consultants have emphasised two things: 1) “David you were VERY poorly”. 2) “David you are the luckiest man alive”. Thank you for fighting with me, right across the world.”

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